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Amber Heard as: Nikki
Additional Cast: Heather Graham, Joey Lauren Adams, Jennifer Coolidge
Production Status: Completed
Release Date: November 2, 2010 (Straght to DVD & Blu-ray)
Directed By: John Inwood
Screenwriters: Suzanne Weinert
Genre: Comedy / Drama
MPAA Rating: n/a

ExTerminators is a dark comedy centering on Alex (Heather Graham), a lonely accountant whose one act of rage results in her being sentenced to court ordered therapy. There she meets Stella (Jennifer Coolidge), the owner of a small extermination business who uses her car as a weapon; and Nikki (Amber Heard), a dental technician with the face of an angel and the mind of a sociopath. Together these women will form their own "silent revolution", wrecking havoc on the abusive men in their lives.

Quotes director John Inwood, "It's such a privilege to be directing Suzanne Weinert's excellent script, with such an immensely talented cast! Heather, Jennifer, Amber and Matt are such a force and such a pleasure to work with. Every scene exceeds my highest expectations. I tried to follow the essential principle of directing - that more than half the job is casting well. I think we have done just that."

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Filming Locations:
Austin, Texas, USA

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Cast and Crew Quotes

"Jennifer Coolidge is really really inspiring. I don't know what my expectations were when I met her. She is one of the funniest people I've ever had the honor of working with."
- Amber Heard

"The script made me laugh! I could relate to feeling angry as a woman. I loved that it was a story about friendship. I have definitely never seen this movie before!"
- Heather Graham

Critics Quotes

The bright spot is local actress Amber Heard (Pineapple Express), who has one of the movie's best scenes, and shines as a genially psychotic young floozy. But she’s not enough to save the film, which is a chick flick dressed up like a black comedy and isn't very good at either. - AvClub

Though it's a dark comedy Exterminators actually comes off pretty light. It shies away from actually showing us most of the grisly murders and the few we do see are free of blood. It's not a horror movie, more a relationship movie about three women hanging out, drinking martinis, oh and occasionally killing guys somewhere off camera. Alex is clearly the center of the movie, leaving her more interesting murderous friends as underdeveloped stereotypes, and we're with her as she blinks into the camera and moons over the perfect guy. - Cinema Blend

I was actually impressed with most of the acting in the film. And, I gotta be honest with you, I thought this movie was going to suck. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found my self laughing out loud a few times. Favorite line? As Jennifer and Amber's characters walk into the Herb Bar (located on Mary just off of Congress) a woman exits and Jennifer says, "I think she douched with patchouli." - My Fox Austin

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