Filmography | The Uncatchable Cowgirl Bandits Of Nottingham, Texas (2012)
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Amber Heard as: n/a
Additional Cast: Leighton Meester
Production Status: Pre-production
Release Date: To be announced
Directed By: Jess Manafort
Screenwriter: Michael Tabb
Genre: Action / Comedy
MPAA Rating: n/a

Texas, present day and 'the man' has come to town. With a ton of cash and a shortfall of morals, a ruthless businessman threatens to wash away the American Dream by buying-out the local bank. With the family business all but bankrupt and her father's life-earnings under threat, Sara has to act fast. But there are only a handful of places which stock this kind of cash: banks...

Uniting her high school friends, Ash (a smokin' hot stripper) and the timid Julie, the trio become outlaws, launching themselves into daring bank robberies whilst improvising at every turn. But when the incognito gang are propelled to heroic status, bullets put a stop to the fun, and the girls are left with a single option: one last heist or the town goes to the dogs.

As stylish as Sex and the City (swapping New York for Texas and cosmopolitans for horses), Cowgirl Bandits is sassy, wild and shamelessly enjoyable; shoot-em-ups, wisecracks, car chases and bar brawls combine in a heady mix of action, fun, spills and thrills. Never have the 'bad guys' looked so good...

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"This project is fresh, fun and timely and I'm looking forward to working with Jess, Leighton, Amber, Jamie and the rest of the team."
- Paul Schiff & Tai Duncan (producers)

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