"There's a huge group of people in Hollywood whose job it is to go out and act wild. My job has nothing to do with that. It's weird, the voyeuristic approach to celebrity these days. People like to live vicariously, I guess. I'm saddened, though, when I see young women making a career out of embarrassing themselves in public. I draw that line at what you can probably find about me on the Internet."
- Amber Heard

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The River Why (2010)
Amber Heard as Eddy
Directed by Matthew Leutwyler
Releases: Awaiting wide release
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The Ward (2010)
Amber Heard as Kristen
Directed by John Carpenter
On DVD & Blu-ray August 16, 2011 (R1)
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The Playboy Club (2011)
Amber Heard as Maureen
Airing Mondays at 10 pm on NBC
Premieres September 19, 2011
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The Rum Diary (2011)
Amber Heard as Chenault
Directed by Bruce Robinson
Releases October 28, 2011 (US)
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ExTerminators (2009)
Amber Heard as Nikki
Directed by John Inwood
On DVD & Blu-ray
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The Joneses (2009)
Amber Heard as Jenn
Directed by Derrick Borte
On DVD & Blu-ray
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And Soon the Darkness (2010)
Amber Heard as Stephanie
Directed by Marcos Efron
On DVD & Blu-ray
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Drive Angry 3D (2011)
Amber Heard as Piper
Directed by Patrick Lussier
On DVD & Blu-ray
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Syrup (2012)
Amber Heard as 6
Directed by Aram Rappaport
Status: Post-production
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The Uncatchable Cowgirl Bandits
of Nottingham, Texas
Amber Heard as n/a
Directed by Jess Manafort
Status: Pre-production
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It was announced in March 2011 that Amber Heard is the new face of Guess, a American name-brand clothing line, making her debut in the Fall 2011 campaign. Ellen Von Unwerth photographed Heard for the campaign.

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