Celebrities Suffering From Thyroid Problems : Is your thyroid healthy?

Here are some celebrities with thyroid conditions. Of course for every one reported there are probably hundreds if not thousands of others who have this disease and there are millions of ordinary people who live with this condition everyday but don’t know it! Thyroid Disease is becoming the Disease of the Century

Jillian Michaels – - Hypothyroid

Rod Stewart
Rod Stewart – Benign thyroid nodules

Joe Piscopo
Joe Piscopo – Thyroid Cancer

Oprah Winfrey – Hyperthyroid

Here are the Different Types of Thyroid Disease :

Hypothyroidism — An underactive thyroid.
Hyperthyroidism — An overactive thyroid.
Goiter — An enlarged thyroid.
Thyroid Nodules — Lumps in the thyroid gland.
Thyroid Cancer — Malignant thyroid nodules or tissue.
Thyroiditis — Inflammation of the thyroid.


Brain fog,
Weight gain
Dry skin and brittle nails
Numbness or tingling in the hands
Abnormal menstrual periods
Hair loss
Revved up

Is your thyroid healthy?

As you can see the symptoms are pretty well common to many if not most people. Who has not had these symptoms at least once in their life? The question is : when are these symptoms to be considered as “NORMAL” and when are they “THYROID RELATED” and need to be treated. Do we all have thyroid problems? Or is this thyroid problem getting out of hand and becoming an overblown problem to be exploited by the medical profession, big pharma, and laboratory testing operators.

The answer – as usual – is probably somewhere in the middle. Many people suffer from thyroid problems needlessly. A simple visit to your doctor and a blood test can determine if you have a thyroid problem. With proper treatment, symptoms will go away. And your life can virtually change overnight. On the other hand, thyroid symptoms are so common that it is easy to turn this problem into an epidemic without just cause. After all, there is a fine line between “feeling anxious” as a result of a thyroid problem and “feeling anxious” because you are just… feeling anxious. And that is basically the BIG issue with Thyroid Problems.

Whether before or after being diagnosed with Thyroid Disease… Patient Beware.

Here are some more celebrities with the problem:

Roger Ebert-
Film critic best known for his thumbs up/thumbs down ratings – Thyroid Cancer
Tipper Gore- Tipper Gore, wife of former vice president Al Gore – Thyroid Nodules
Catherine Bell- Actress Catherine Bell (JAG, Army Wives) – Thyroid Cancer
Kelly Osbourne- Reality TV personality and singer Kelly Osbourne — daughter of reality TV’s Sharon Osbourne and her rocker husband Ozzy – Hypothyroid
Kim Cattrall- Sex and the City actress – Hashimoto’s disease
George Bush, Barbara Bush- Former president and former first lady – Graves’ Disease
Kim Alexis- Former Model – Hypothyroid
Linda Ronstadt- Singer – Hypothyroid
Gail Devers- Olympic medallist – Graves’ Disease
Toni Childs- Singer – Graves’ Disease
Dan Snyder- Billionaire Redskins owner and entertainment entrepreneur – Thyroid Cancer
Marc Ian Barash- Author – Tumor
Nanci Griggit- Folk Singer – Thyroid cancer
Richard Crenna- Actor – Thyroid disease
Karen Smyers- Caliber triathlete – Graves’ disease
Eli Marero- Baseball Player – Thyroid tumor
Jerry Dipoto- Baseball Player – Hypothyroid with tumor
Megan Stendebach- Singer – Thyroid cancer
Ayaka- Japanese singer/songwriter
Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee- Hong Kong actress
Marty Feldman- British comedian
Diane Finley- Canadian cabinet minister
Sia Furler- Australian singer
Nadezhda Krupskaya- The wife of Lenin
Barbara Leigh- An American former actress and fashion model


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