KIM KARDASHIAN : From slim to fat – Needs Pregnancy Exercise Program

kim kardasian from slim to fat

Kim Kardashian is off to the gym these days, trying to keep in shape while pregnant.

She has been training out with Tracy Anderson:

“Tracy Anderson is keeping me in shape! She is helping me make the adjustments necessary to keep me feeling happy, healthy and most importantly create a workout plan that is safe for the baby.

It’s really important for me to have a fitness routine that works for my body and my schedule and I’m really happy with the workout plan Tracy is working with me on.”

Should KIm Kardashian be working out while pregnant?

The answer is yes:

Exercise during pregnancy helps to

  • feel better
  • prepare you and your body for birth
  • regain your pre-pregnancy body more quickly after birth
  • The type of exercise program to follow really depends on the level of fitness before becoming pregnant.

    Before you continue your old exercise program or begin a brand new one for the first time, you should consult with your doctor about exercising while you’re pregnant. Mention any concerns you may have and be careful to limit exercises if you have:

  • pregnancy-induced high blood pressure
  • early contractions
  • vaginal bleeding
  • premature rupture of your membranes, also known as your water (the fluid in the amniotic sac around the fetus) breaking early
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