Andrographolide 98% andrographis paniculata plant extract


The Only Supplement To Help Protect Your From A Viral or Bacterial Pandemic.

2 years supply of 98% pure andrographis plant extract

1. Works as liver protection and anti-oxidation.
2. Anti- Inflammatory and relieves pain
3. Hypoglycemic and cardiovascular protection.
4. Enhances human immunity.
5. Antibacterial.

A. paniculata has been extensively used as traditional medicine in India, China and Southeast Asia. The aerial parts possess most of the medicinal properties and are used to treat snakebites, insect stings, fever, sore throat, cough and stomachache. Phytochemical study revealed that diterpenoid lactones which are the major phytochemical constituents and flavonoids have been isolated from the aerial parts of this specie. Miscellaneous compounds such as xanthones, rare noriridoids and trace/macro elements have been isolated from the roots. Different types of formulations, extracts and pure compounds obtained from this plant have been shown to possess biological activities including anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, cytotoxicity, immune modulatory, sex hormone modulatory, liver enzyme modulatory, anti-malaria, anti-angiogenic and hepato-renal protective activity.