Top Ten Hollywood Stars That Don’t Age

Demi Moore Has Made Millions From Her Looks Alone. Image Credit: Flickr

1. Andy Milonakis

The comedian/rapper is now 38. Some say he looks 12 years old and they aren’t lying.

2. Will Smith

Will Smith seems to get younger by the decade. The Men In Black movie seems like a time capsule all filmed in the same year; but as we all know the trilogy featuring the youthful Will has spanned a decade.

3. Eddie Murphy
It has been over 20 years since the release of Delirious but Eddie Murphy remains as youthful as ever. The years have passed but his skin does not look it.

4. Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon is still looks the same as the young stud in the 80‘s film Footloose.

5. Halle Berry
Halle Berry despite becoming a mother and starring in feature films many times over is staying youthful and it seems to be quite normal for her.

6. Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon still looks like the young version of herself to this day.

7. James Franco
James Franco has appeared in countless feature films and despite this, has retained his youthful good looks.

8. Sugar Ray Leonard
No one has told the retired boxer he is aging! He remains quite young heading into his 56th birthday.

9. Amber Heard
Ms. Heard is proof that a youthful, energetic attitude can be as charming as it is sexy.

10.Demi Moore
Demi Moore is considered as someone to emulate when it comes to staying young. She seems to do it so effortlessly.

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