Jimmy Carter, 90 years old, was diagnosed with cancer

jimmy carter cancer

The former president of the United States Jimmy Carter, 90 years old, was diagnosed with cancer, he revealed in a statement Wednesday.A surgery to remove a liver tumor … “revealed that I have cancer that spreads to other parts of my body.” “I’ll rearrange my schedule to undergo the necessary treatment,” said M. Carter, who was president of the United States from 1977 to 1981.”A more detailed release will be made public when we know more, probably next week,” he said.The former head of state, was born in Georgia in the southeastern United States and will be treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.The two sisters, brother and father of Jimmy Carter all died of pancreatic cancer.The nonagenarian remained active, creating in 1982 the Carter Center, an NGO defending human rights and leading many election observation missions. In late April and early May, he had visited Moscow for the Palestinian Territories and Israel.In mid-May, however, he had shortened a trip to Guyana, where he was to observe the general election, for health reasons.”Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my grandfather,” responded in a tweet the grand-son of Jimmy Carter, Jason.”We hope he will recover completely and will return to work ,” also wrote the head of Apple, Tim Cook.Messages from various sides of the political spectrum have been published on social network. The president of the Democratic Party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Republican Senator Austin Scott sent messages of support to the Nobel Peace Prize and his family.He received this award for efforts in favor of economic and social justice.Jimmy Carter, 39th US president, succeeded Republican Gerald Ford and lost the presidential election .His presidency is best known for the American hostages crisis in Iran in 1979, during which 52 Americans were held 444 days in the US embassy in Tehran.His failure to secure their release had then contributed to his loss to Ronald Reagan .His reputation is much better today than when he was in power. The Camp David accords signed in 1978 between Egypt and Israel under the mediation of Jimmy Carter are recognized as a major diplomatic achievement.President Carter is one of four former American presidents still alive, with George Bush father and son and Bill Clinton.

About Pancreatic Cancer:

  • The pancreas, located in the abdomen, has endocrine and exocrine functions; cancer cells can develop from both types of functional cells.
  • Most pancreatic cancers are adenocarcinomas.
  • Few patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer have identifiable risk factors.
  • Pancreatic cancer is highly lethal because it grows and spreads rapidly and often is diagnosed in its late stages.
  • Pancreatic cancer is difficult to diagnose, and the diagnosis is often made late in the course of the disease. Symptoms and signs of pancreatic cancer in its late stage include weight loss and back pain. In some cases, painless jaundice may be a symptom of early, operable pancreatic cancer.
  • The only curative treatment is surgical removal of all cancer and a pancreatic transplant; however, most patients are not eligible for a pancreas transplant.
  • Chemotherapy after surgery can lower the chances of the cancer returning.
  • Chemotherapy for metastatic pancreatic cancer can extend life and improve the quality of life.
  • Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are encouraged to seek out clinical trials that will ultimately improve pancreatic cancer treatment.
  • Many organizations exist to help provide information and support for patients and families fighting pancreatic cancer.