John Hurt says his cancer treatment is going very well


Sir John Hurt has said he is optimistic in his ongoing battle with cancer.

The War Doctor actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year. The 75-year-old, a one-time resident of Roundwood, Co Wicklow, was Oscar-nominated for The Elephant Man and Midnight Express. Among his many other screen credits are The Naked Civil Servant, Alien, Heaven’s Gate, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Hellboy, V for Vendetta, Doctor Who and Merlin.

In a new interview with the Radio Times he said: “I can’t say I worry about mortality, but it’s impossible to get to my age and not have a little contemplation of it.”

He added: “We’re all just passing time, and occupy our chair very briefly. But my treatment is going terrifically well, so I’m optimistic.”

“I am continuing to focus on my professional commitments and will shortly be recording Jeffrey Bernard Is Unwell (one of life’s small ironies!) for BBC Radio 4,” he said.

The actor said wanted to announce his diagnosis to the press because he had “always been open about the way in which I conduct my life and in that spirit I would like to make a statement”.

Doctor Who TV wishes John all the best.