Alternative Cancer Treatments in Mexico : Hope or Fraud?

About alternative cancer treatments in Mexico If you search the internet, you will find more than 35 alternative care clinics and hospitals in northern Mexico, along the US border. Most of these are near Tijuana. They offer a wide range

Toxic clouds confirmed over Canada Tar Sands region

Analyses of the air quality in one of the largest petrochemical regions of Canada revealed the presence of concentrated toxic clouds according to a “Nobel Prize” laboratory at the University of California, Irvine laboratory. These analyses reflect the results that

The Death of the “Dust Lady” : A terrible reminder of the health consequences of 9/11.

When the Twin Towers collapsed to the ground on September 11, 2001, a massive cloud of smoke, dust and debris released hazardous asbestos fibers, toxins and toxic substances into the air. Asbestos fireproofing materials from 20 stories of the towers

Exercise Needs to Be Part of the New Standard for Cancer Prevention

Most cancers are caused by lifestyle factors — not genes. The second most important action you can take to help guard against many types of cancer – after dieting and food choices – is exercise. Up to one-third of cancer-related

Can Marijuana Cure Cancer?

Is It Time to Acknowledge That Marijuana Can Cure Cancer? US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy in an interview with CBS This Morning, said, “We have some preliminary data showing that for certain medical conditions and symptoms, marijuana can be helpful.”